The Art of the Pivot

The Art of the Pivot “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  This is a question almost every child is asked. We…

How I Discovered My Mission

How I Discovered My Mission Life has funny twists and turns. In 2016, when my youngest daughter, Allison, was a freshman in high school, she…

Our Gutenberg Bible Moment

We are in the midst of our own “Gutenberg Bible Moment.” 

Rather than the printing press, it is the internet. We now have the ability to educate ourselves on any subject, anywhere, at any time and any age. In fact, with the exponential growth in technology, many of the top skills needed for the most in-demand jobs (like blockchain, cloud computing, and UX design) are primarily acquired via online classes. 

How Malls Can Save America

How Malls Can Save America Even before the 2020 pandemic, high vacancy rates and millions of square feet of empty retail space were signaling a…

Our Human Advantage in a Digital World

Our Human Advantage in a Digital World The headlines can be scary. “Robots Are Taking Over Everything!” News reports often create fear and insecurity about…

What Now? Redefining Education for the 21st Century

Like pioneers, we must band together to prepare students to adapt to this new economy, while schools undergo significant restructuring. Parents, businesses, and community leaders must take responsibility–individually and collectively–for building a community-based ecosystem that helps students develop vital skill sets (adaptability, collaboration, creativity, tech-savvy, critical thinking) and gain exposure to the real world. 

What Do We Do With The Kids?

We have an extraordinary opportunity to improve our children’s quality of life and their ability to deal with life’s inevitable transitions. We have the freedom to choose how we react to this unprecedented time. Let’s choose wisely.