What Do We Do With The Kids?

We have an extraordinary opportunity to improve our children’s quality of life and their ability to deal with life’s inevitable transitions. We have the freedom to choose how we react to this unprecedented time. Let’s choose wisely.

The Scarecrow Already Had A Brain 

The Wizard of Oz is more than just a movie. It is a metaphor for life. It highlights the cultural tethers that limit self-worth and emphasizes the importance of community. It also provides a road map for navigating uncertain times. Here are a few of my favorite lines and the insights they provide:

The Butterfly Emoji

The Butterfly Emoji Each of my daughters has struggled at times when they are out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s a new job, a…

Abnormal is the New Normal

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior,” according to renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. Could it be that the abnormal reactions we are seeing in our youth–anxiety, depression, addiction, suicide–are normal behaviors and that the situations we have placed them in are abnormal? Could our current education system be one such abnormal situation? 

The Real Cost of a Meaningless Education

The Real Cost of a Meaningless Education Viktor Frankl was right. In 1965, the world-renowned psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search For Meaning described the…