Our Gutenberg Bible Moment

We are in the midst of our own “Gutenberg Bible Moment.” 

Rather than the printing press, it is the internet. We now have the ability to educate ourselves on any subject, anywhere, at any time and any age. In fact, with the exponential growth in technology, many of the top skills needed for the most in-demand jobs (like blockchain, cloud computing, and UX design) are primarily acquired via online classes. 

How Malls Can Save America

How Malls Can Save America Even before the 2020 pandemic, high vacancy rates and millions of square feet of empty retail space were signaling a…

Our Human Advantage in a Digital World

The headlines can be scary. “Robots Are Taking Over Everything!” News reports often create fear and insecurity about the future, especially in the job market,…

Abnormal is the New Normal

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior,” according to renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. Could it be that the abnormal reactions we are seeing in our youth–anxiety, depression, addiction, suicide–are normal behaviors and that the situations we have placed them in are abnormal? Could our current education system be one such abnormal situation? 

The Real Cost of a Meaningless Education

Viktor Frankl was right. In 1965, the world-renowned psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search For Meaning described the U.S. system of education as ‘mechanistic’–a system…