Waiting for When

Waiting for When When you graduate high school…when you get to college…when you get a job. We keep our children focused on the future. It…

The Art of the Pivot

The Art of the Pivot “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  This is a question almost every child is asked. We…

What Now? Redefining Education for the 21st Century

Like pioneers, we must band together to prepare students to adapt to this new economy, while schools undergo significant restructuring. Parents, businesses, and community leaders must take responsibility–individually and collectively–for building a community-based ecosystem that helps students develop vital skill sets (adaptability, collaboration, creativity, tech-savvy, critical thinking) and gain exposure to the real world. 

The Scarecrow Already Had A Brain 

The Wizard of Oz is more than just a movie. It is a metaphor for life. It highlights the cultural tethers that limit self-worth and emphasizes the importance of community. It also provides a road map for navigating uncertain times. Here are a few of my favorite lines and the insights they provide:

The Butterfly Emoji

The Butterfly Emoji Each of my daughters has struggled at times when they are out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s a new job, a…