Careers and Job Markets

What Now? We Need To Build An Educational Ecosystem

Like pioneers, we must band together to prepare students to adapt to this new economy, while schools undergo significant restructuring. Parents, businesses, and community leaders must take responsibility–individually and collectively–for building a community-based ecosystem that helps students develop vital skill sets (adaptability, collaboration, creativity, tech-savvy, critical thinking) and gain exposure to the real world. 

Careers and Job Markets Education

A Generation of Students Caught Between Two Worlds

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries created a cultural shift from rural farms to factory-filled cities. Imagine the confusion of parents, trained in agricultural livelihoods, trying to understand this new future for their children. It would have been frightening to realize that the systems that were familiar to them were no longer […]


Pathway Choices: College

High school students and their parents are so obsessed with the goal of college acceptance that few stop to think about the current realities of college or whether it is the right fit.  While some people benefit from learning in classrooms with textbooks and discussions, others learn best from hands-on experience. Both are equally valuable […]