About Pam

Pam Roy’s passion for parenting and education reform is inspired by her three daughters, ages 20 to 23. Her goal is to help students and their families navigate the tumultuous school years and emerging adulthood with a focus on personal and financial wellbeing. Her experiences in a  master’s degree program at NYU led her to question the college-for-all trajectory and, after completing the course work, she dropped out to start this blog. 

Pam’s years of experience as a parent, market researcher, business owner, investor, and community leader inspired her to become co-founder of Straight Up Impact with producers Kate Cohen and Marisa Polvino. With a mission to share thought-provoking stories at the intersection of film and social impact, they joined with education icon, Sir Ken Robinson, Kate Robinson, and others to offer a short film series entitled, Meaning In Madness. The movement inspired by the series is called B-Unbound. In partnership with Big Picture Learning, it focuses on creating community-based networks that promote wellbeing.

Pam is a co-founder of The Viktor Frankl Institute of America with Alexander Vesely, grandson of Viktor Frankl, and Moira Hummel. Pam co-authored the book, The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor Frankl: A 21-Day Reflection Book about Meaning (August 2020). She is also an executive producer of the forthcoming feature film Man’s Search for Meaning

In April 2020, Pam joined with Aziz Abdur-Ra’oof, a youth mentor and NFL alum, to start a podcast called Q-Ed UP with Ziz and Pam. Together they converse about what it means to be educated in the 21st Century.

Pam graduated from USC in 1981 with a B.S. in Business. She worked as a financial analyst for Bechtel Investments, Inc. before moving into the field of real estate market research. She was a Partner at RCLCo, Inc. and opened their Washington, D.C. office before starting her own consulting firm. 

A board member and active leader in various charity organizations, Pam especially devoted time to foster youth. She also developed a community-oriented program Hands of Freedom for International Sanctuary, a social enterprise whose mission is to empower girls and women escaping human trafficking. 

Pam is part owner of Vaca Restaurant in Costa Mesa, California with Ahmed Labbate and Chef Amar Santana.